A Few Words About Me

Whether you're browsing the web for actual information and landed here by accident or simply learning a thing or two from my factual or subjective posts, or you're just merely here to get to know a little about me, thanks for stopping by my web page anyway!


This is my online space and all my public and unapologetically private thoughts are expressed at times in humorous, sarcastic, and/or serious ways to convey my commitment to education in general and my profession in particular.


By nature, I am naturally curious about objective and subjective stuff like whether moon robots will make it back and if they do how, or if 3-D artificial organs will ever fulfill the demand shortages of UNOS list, or to what extent people's political convictions make them who they are and when do they stop pretending being someone else to find acceptance. In any instance, I happen to wonder, although useless sometimes, the complexities and increasingly-surprising facets of humans. 

By formation, I am a trained researcher of three distinct methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods) with mixed methods being my favorite one. I must attribute this and give immense thanks to Dr. Toni Ivey, one of my graduate school instructors at Oklahoma State University. She is still doing justice to profession and to the methodology.

By profession, I am a program evaluator in educational settings and work with others to find out how well or not so well things go and how much better they could be going. I identify areas of strength and weakness and provide recommendations, although sometimes unneeded, to help others work more wisely with greater productivity. I also taught in college and K12, and I enjoyed every bit of it, especially when I had to go over the content more than once since I had to think on how to present same information differently. 


By expertise, I am pretty certain I know about the European Skill Formation System in Albania and the education system in Albania more than anyone else in the world. Well, that's a pretty big claim...let's see! I went to grad school and studied it for four years, presented to a variety of conferences, wrote some peer-reviewed articles on it, proposed some successful and unsuccessful national education development programs on it, won awards, and wrote a dissertation on it...heck, I even wrote a book on it. Humbleness apart, I think I am pretty good at it!!!  


Okay now...by making it this far into reading, you probably have learned a thing or two about me. Let's just say you want to know more about me, or just want to say hi and share a common interest...give me a shout at indrit@indritvucaj.com.


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