Chess is my second favorite game (soccer first). I've played it since practically I started learning and playing any type of games. I believe my uncle, who is a very good chess player, took a special interest in teaching me how to play it. I play it online everyday. I mostly restrict myself to online chess, mainly because of time limitations to play in person with friends. Though I can always pick up a game in person with my uncle. Generally speaking, I beat him quite often, yet somehow he manages to catch up and convert losses to wins very quickly. Either way, I enjoy the game regardless of who I am playing it with.

Although I never played professionally, I competed regionally and nationally in high school. In my junior year in high school, I advanced to national semi-finals to lose to one of my best high school friends, who also happened to be a serious Pyrrhic player. His only chess strategy was, and probably still is, to win a Pyrrhic victory, which is a devastation inflicting strategy for a defensive player like me.

Chess is a beautiful game and I enjoy it immensely every time I get the opportunity to play it. I like to share, and sometimes replay, my games with others, so you can love it as much as I do.


Enjoy all my chess games here and maybe you'll learn a trick or two for your next plays.