A Word About Classroom Management in High Schools

A well-managed classroom leads to higher engagement and better student outcomes.

High school is a special place to teach. Dealing with teeenagers can be a joy or a challenge depending on how well you manage behavior and expectations. It is important you understand that choosing battles should be a priority in teaching practice. Choose your battles wisely when teaching high school students. Remember, they are really almost adults, but in so many ways, they are just kids. They need guidance and at times need the structure of a well managed classroom even more than younger students in elementary or middle school. With so many boundaries becoming undefined, high school students often welcome the boundaries of the structure that a focused teacher provides.

“Students perform better when they are busy and doing tasks that are meaningful to them.”

A teacher with classroom management skills can expect more from students. Students will rise up to the expectations you place on them, as long as they are realistic and within their zone of learning proximity. High school students react well to a well managed classroom. They perform better when they are busy and doing tasks that are meaningful. All students can smell busywork a mile a way. Don’t assign busy work as part of a management plan. Solid and genuine classroom management does not include busywork, but rather meaningful tasks and assignment to help students reach their learning goals.

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